About Us

BPNMA is the first of its kind non-profit organisation dedicated to support British Pakistani nurses and midwives and Pakistani nurses living and working in the UK. Have a look below to find out more about our mission, vision, what we do and how to join us.

Aims: BPNMA aims to empower the nurses and midwives of Pakistani origin by providing a platform for networking, advocacy, mentorship, and professional development. Our goal is to promote professional excellence by enabling British Pakistani nurses to work and settle in their role in the UK and achieve career progression using support from a network of qualified and experienced professionals from academia, NHS, industry, and private clinical practitioners.

We aim to:

Represent British Pakistani/ Pakistani nurses and midwives working in any health care setting in the UK

Provide a platform to our members in the UK to network, access mentorship opportunities through a network of well-established and experienced professionals from academia, NHS managements, NHS and private clinical practitioners.

Support newly qualified nurses and midwives and those coming from Pakistan to work in the UK to help them settle in their role.

Be an advocate of the British Pakistani community by speaking up of the health inequalities currently being experienced by the seldom heard Pakistani community